If you didn't make it, you missed a whopper of a Doctor Who party!  We noshed on fish and chips, K9 dogs, custard and biscuits, Hi Chew, and bananas...the Doctor's favorite, while viewing some of his and Donna's exploits on the magic box.  

There were 4 entrants in the Doctor Who costume contest.  We had Doctor #10 cubed, and Doctor the 11th.  Madeline Kudyba (Doctor #10) won her very own pseudo gas mask and set about looking for her mummy.

Our Get in the Groove summer contest wrapped up, with a lot of great prizes!  We had a wonderful set of charms, donated and created by Madeline Kudyba.  The majority of our prizes were generously donated by the Friends of the Palmer Library.  A great big THANK YOU for that!  Seth Duckett won the weekend pass to SenshiCon, and everybody walked out with something!



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