We're gearing up for Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast premier next week. We explored the fad called Disneybound. www.disneybound.co is Leslie Kay's blog. She started putting together outfits from her closet, inspired by Disney characters, and blogging about it.  People noticed. Now it's like a secret society that's taken social media by storm.  Once you start Disneybounding, you'll suddenly see characters everywhere, especially at the parks.

The keys to Disneybounding are using the character's color scheme and adding a related element, or two.  People have branched out and applied the concept to park rides, signs, Walt Disney himself, and even non Disney franchises like Harry Potter.

Even Dapper Day has embraced Disneybound! Dapper Day is an event that happens at Disney parks in California, Florida, and Paris twice a year. Folks dress in vintage clothes and visit the park. It's now a cultural phenomenon of it's own, with vintage pop up shops at the Disney hotels, meet ups, concerts, and photo shoots. Check out this video.  Learn more about Dapper Day at dapperday.com

Back to CHILL...we snacked on a couple of Disney parks recipes: loaded potato soup, and Dole whips. With Disney music in the background, we played Disney Bingo and trivia were followed by making bottle cap pins.  The crew had a great time talking about all things Disney. See examples of Disneybound outfits, and snapshots of CHILL participants below.


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