We took a trip through time and space as contestants went head to head with other sci fi fans of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. Sides were chosen, gauntlets were thrown down, and the battle was fierce during this game show style challenge to see who would win the ultimate victory....Universal Bragging Rights! This adventure wasn't for the faint of heart. Tough questions, tough rules, and even tougher opponents made this epic showdown amazing!
This year's library mystery scavenger hunt was the cold case of Mr. Beeta Negg, world famous chicken trainer and chicken circus owner. We really gave our forensic and critical thinking skills a workout! Participants were tasked with sorting through evidence that may, or may not, have been relevant to the cold case of Mr. Beeta Negg, world famous chicken circus trainer. We hunted for clues in the initial police report, medical examiner’s report, old witness statements, and new evidence collected from shredded paperwork & donated books. Some questions were answered. Many questions weren’t. Participants correlated evidence to conclude the medical examiner’s report was incorrect, and deduced that Mr. Negg’s death could’ve been intentional or accidental with more evidence needed to be sure. While this exercise didn’t wrap up neatly like a T.V. crime show, it did give a glimpse into the real world of investigation.


Stranger Things


It was a Stranger Things night at the library!  We delved into trivia, food, and fun from the Netflix original hit series. We watched episode 1 from the first season while noshing on eggos & coke. Everybody looked great in their throwback to the 80's inspired outfits. We ended the evening with a photo shoot & created buttons to take home.  
July, for Americans, means patriotic celebrations, parades, fireworks, watermelon, ice cream, picnics, and bbq!  We took this opportunity to indulge a little nostalgia with an old fashioned ice cream social & classic movie. Participants were encouraged to dress in vintage style to enjoy a delicious build your own ice cream bar. Then we sat down to view the classic 1945 musical, State Fair. A grand time was had by all!



Our special guest for May was Susan Atkinson!  She's an expert on all things related to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos universe.  Susan gave us an overview of who Lovecraft was, how he was influenced to create and write. We heard stories about Cthulhu, other beings in the genre, and much more, all while munching on gummy octopuses. We ended the evening with a rousing game of Cthulhu Gloom in which you try to kill off your family to gain the most points. The cards are clear, so they can be layered on top of one another. It's a fantastically macabre strategy game. I highly recommend it.  I'd like to extend a huge "Thank You!" to Susan for sharing her depth of knowledge, and a fraction of her collection with us!



This month, we learned how the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, changed real life crime investigation, with many originally created forensic tests still employed to day. Then we dusted off our best observation skills for forensic knowledge challenges!  There was even a quiz at the end! 
The title of the PBS documentary we watched, in part, is "How Sherlock Changed the World".  It's available on the card catalog for you to place on hold, HERE.

Fingerprinting video:

Handwriting analysis video:
Observation tests:
Video 1:
Video 2:

Video 3:
Video 4:

Check out these links for more cool forensic challenges:
Virtual 360 degree forensic crime scene investigation challenge.
Forensic games:




We're gearing up for Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast premier next week. We explored the fad called Disneybound. www.disneybound.co is Leslie Kay's blog. She started putting together outfits from her closet, inspired by Disney characters, and blogging about it.  People noticed. Now it's like a secret society that's taken social media by storm.  Once you start Disneybounding, you'll suddenly see characters everywhere, especially at the parks.

The keys to Disneybounding are using the character's color scheme and adding a related element, or two.  People have branched out and applied the concept to park rides, signs, Walt Disney himself, and even non Disney franchises like Harry Potter.

Even Dapper Day has embraced Disneybound! Dapper Day is an event that happens at Disney parks in California, Florida, and Paris twice a year. Folks dress in vintage clothes and visit the park. It's now a cultural phenomenon of it's own, with vintage pop up shops at the Disney hotels, meet ups, concerts, and photo shoots. Check out this video.  Learn more about Dapper Day at dapperday.com

Back to CHILL...we snacked on a couple of Disney parks recipes: loaded potato soup, and Dole whips. With Disney music in the background, we played Disney Bingo and trivia were followed by making bottle cap pins.  The crew had a great time talking about all things Disney. See examples of Disneybound outfits, and snapshots of CHILL participants below.

Button Art


We had a great time creating one of a kind button art. Thanks to a couple of generous donors, we had an entire bin of wonderful buttons to choose from. Artists chose a frame, then headed to the print station to find an outline or silhouette online. The background station came next. There was cork, burlap, and colored card stock to choose from. Everyone like the cork!  After setting up at one of the glue stations, artists started searching for just the right buttons to make their vision come to life. 

1980's Flashback!


It's, like, a total 80's flashback, dude. We watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in our awesome 80's outfits! One righteous CHILLer took home Top Gun on BluRay, and more prizes were up for grabs from My Little Pony & The Empire Strikes Back. Bummed you missed it? Yeah, don't wig out. Meet us next month for another wicked def chill. Cowabunga dudes!

Doctor Who


Rubbin' elbows with a Time Lord!  Yup, it's that time of year.  We jumped right into the middle of a hair raising adventure with the Doctor once again.  This year, we had a super fan, and two TARDIS's on deck to meet Captain Jack Harkness, the Ninth Doctor, Rose, and "Are you my mummy?".